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Motu Trail shelters raise the comfort level

It was the passion of the Motu Trails Trust that has led the development of the carefully built shelters on the Motu Trail in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

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The new shelters are a welcome rest spot for riders. Photo: Jim Robinson

The Motu Trail is a Great Ride of the New Zealand Cycle Trail and the only one located in Eastland. Led by German joiner Sepp Stadler, the Motu Trails now have covered shelters strategically located on the Motu, Pakihi Track end, Memorial Park, Tirohanga, Waiaua, Toatoa and Papamoa. There is also a small shelter at the top of the Pakihi Track and covered space in the Pakihi Hut.

They are brilliant, beautifully crafted and in the logical place for people to take a rest stop.

Jim Robinson, Motu Trails Charitable Trust manager Share

The new shelter is located at the top of Papamoa – at roughly 600 meters elevation between Toatoa and the top entrance of the Pakihi Track. Lying midway between the Motu Settlement and the coast, the shelters look out over native rimu forest.

Whatever direction riders are heading, the hilltop is a common resting point, so this makes an ideal location for a shelter. 

“This is the logical place and the best meeting spot after the group has split up. It is a good place to gather because it is high and is often a nice warm place to stop,” Jim explained.

“It’s a beautiful setting, walk just 10 metres and you get views over the Bay of Plenty region.”

Jim should be proud, the huts have led the way in terms of design and structure.

“The shelters have become the template for the Motu Trails and beyond. They are now being built elsewhere in New Zealand and abroad,” he said.

It’s no surprise that these shelters are being built on trails elsewhere. With great views, in a stunning environment and immersed in native forest in the middle of nowhere, there is no better time to ride the Motu Trails and enjoy the new features.

The Motu Trails Trust is supported by the Opotki District Council, the Department of Conservation, and the Southern Trust. 

  • The lads relax alongside the Pakihi River at the end of the Motu Trail, Eastland, New Zealand. Photo: Derek Morrison
    Motu Trails provides a trilogy of contrasting trails that can be ridden in a loop totalling 93km. The three links offer a range of all-terrain riding, which includes stunning beaches, spectacular native forest and family friendly rest stops. This cycle trail can be ridden all year as a full loop, or can be split into the three shorter sections. As a popular 1-3 day ride, it offers options for all ages, abilities, fitness levels and preferences.