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Coromandel Walkway and Mountain Bike Track


There are two trail options for those looking to ride on the Coromandel Peninsula. Firstly there is the Coromandel Walkway and Mountain Bike Track, which is a dual-use trail. Secondly, there is the specific Coromandel Mountain Bike Trail. Both trails start and finish from the same location at either Fletcher Bay or Stony Bay, and travel across similar farmlands. However there is large difference in the technical nature of these two trail options.


Riders take in the view from a high point on the Coromandel Walkway. Photo: Camilla Rutherford

The dual-use Coromandel Walkway and Mountain Bike ride travels from Fletcher Bay to Stony Bay located at the very top of the Coromandel Peninsula. You can ride this track in either direction, or can ride there and back if you are looking for a longer day in the saddle. For riders heading in one direction only, we recommend booking a shuttle to pick you up from one end.

This trail skirts around the coastline, providing fabulous views of the off-shore islands such as Great Barrier Island, Cuvier and Mercury Island. As you ride the Grade 3 trail, you will pass by native kauri and may even see some of our native wildlife in its natural habitat. 

For those who are looking for a more technical challenge, you can ride the specific Coromandel Mountain Bike Track. With sections that are steeper, slippery and several steep traverses, this is recommend for advanced riders with high skill levels. Both the walkway and mountain bike tracks meet just below a derelict hut and from there it's another 40 minutes of riding to Fletcher Bay.

Lynette Dey from Destination Coromandel is a keen recreational mountain biker, she told us, "I have done the track starting at the Fletcher Bay end and the views are outstanding. The walkway is pretty easy going, however the mountain bike track can be very rutted in places as it is also used by motorbikes and it can be slippery when wet. There are some challenging steep rutted parts, but well worth it for the views, if you don't mind getting hot."

Both trails lie in a spectacular part of New Zealand, where the scenery is flawless any time of year.


Enjoy great views along the trail. Photo: Camilla Rutherford

Insider Tips

  • Cell phone coverage is limited, so we recommend being well prepared and following the details on the Mountain Safety Council website.
  • The Coromandel is an excellent and warm place to camp, we recommend staying at the trail end at the Stony Bay Campsite – this will make it easy for accessing the track, too. From the Stony Bay Campsite, orange triangles mark the track.

Getting There

The Cape Colville ride is best accessed from Colville Bay. Colville Bay is a two-and-a-half-hour drive from Auckland Airport (181km). The trail begins in Fletcher Bay, which lies 30km from Colville Bay, along Port Jackson Road or at Stony bay, which is 20km along Port Charles Road from Colville Bay.

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For all you need to know when holidaying in The Coromandel, we recommend visiting the Destination Coromandel website.

There is a nasty disease affecting the native kauri trees in this area – please ensure your shoes and sporting equipment is cleaned before riding here.

This is a Department of Conservation trail, therefore we recommend checking their website for trail information at the time of your trip.

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