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The Bullock Track


The Bullock Track follows a path originally used by early miners in the Coromandel. The ride has two steep uphills – a great test for your fitness. Rated a Grade 4, this ride has many technical sections of track where you need to maintain control over your bike. These sections will get the adrenaline pumping and, combined with the fitness required, will be very satisfying to successfully cross. This challenging ride will take approximately three hours to ride in total and is a loop track so there is always something new to look forward to and explore.


Whangamata is a popular beach destination. Photo: Destination Coromandel

Tairua Forest is a relatively new riding area and offers a range of alternative trails such as the Luck at Last trail for those looking to spend more time out on the trails. Many riders head out and complete a 30km loop, which is much more enjoyable if your fitness is matched to a big ride. The trails weave their way through the valley behind the mountain bike park. The tracks consist of some single-track, which are fairly technical in places, and part fire-road to break up the technical riding.

As you ride the trail, look out for historic mining spots, such as small tunnels and mining machinery that has been left behind from the era.

Insider Tips

  • This is a great spot for renting a classic New Zealand bach and making a weekend of it. There are plenty of small cribs available, which fit a range of budgets. You can find more information here:

Getting There 

The Bullock Track is best accessed from Whangamata Ridges Mountain Bike Park. Whangamata is a two-hour drive from Auckland Airport (146km). The trail-head begins 5km from Whangamata, on Tairua Road. While there are a few different ways to get to The Bullock Track, we recommend starting from the Forest HQ, where there is a car-parking and picnic area. To get to the trails from here, climbed Causeway Road. After approximately 2km, turn right onto Durrant Raod and continue climbing. After riding for approximately 2.5km on Durrant Road, turn right onto Ridge Road. Follow Ridge Road on another climb fora further 2.5km, from here you will see a sign on the left saying Bullock Track. Turn here and follow the track downhill to begin with.

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The Coromandel is a spectacular part of New Zealand. To find out more about this region check out Destination Coromandel:

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